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Answers to common questions on creating transcripts of text messages

Transcript Samples

See samples of our finished text message transcripts:
Color SMS Bubbles
IM Style - Monochrome
IM Style - Color
Uniform Transcript Format(UTF)
Uniform Transcript Format(UTF)-with note space

Major Cases Involving Text Messages

Below are some of the many legal cases that hinged on text messages. Note: These links will take you to third party sites.
USA v. Kilpatrick
Florida v. Raymond Lumarque
State v. Thompson

Public Officials use of electronic communications

Governor Christie/George Washington Bridge message transcript

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The Problem: Litigation in the Digital Age

More communication is done by e-mail and Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging today than ever before. Courts have recognized the importance of allowing the presentation of these forms of communications during litigation.

A single text message could swing a decision, even in a minor case...
IF you present it.
Once introduced only in large litigation cases, text messages are now part of all types of civil and criminal litigation. These include child custody, divorce, bankruptcy, contract disputes, workers compensation, and others. A single text message could swing a decision, even in a minor case, but only if you present it. SMS Witness also includes Apple's iMessage service.

Transcript sample

Our Solution: SMS Witness

Richmond Computer introduces SMS Witness™, an end-to-end service that collects text messages from cell phones, and converts them into a format presentable in the courtroom, with accompanying documentation certifying their authenticity. Our expert technicians will visit your home, office or law practice to collect data from the mobile device for production into an electronic and printed transcript for admission into court for civil or criminal litigation proceedings.

SMS Witness™ is available for most popular smartphone models, including iPhone, RIM Blackberry and Android devices. In most cases, we can have a printed transcript, suitable for courtroom presentation, in as little as 24 hours.
Service is available nationwide for end users, attorneys, law enforcement and district attorneys.

How It Works

Richmond Computer follows industry best practice chain-of-custody and privacy guidelines. All information is kept confidential, and collected data is destroyed at the end of the process. Certification and expert witness testimony is provided upon request.
Process Summary
  • The order is received, and a mutually convenient location is selected to collect the data. In some cases, data can be remotely collected
  • The owner of the device fills out a consent form, and the device is connected to a special data collection laptop.
  • Data is collected in the presence of the device owner.
  • Data is processed for transcript production based on the criteria provided. Custom culling of data is available (such as producing short excerpts of conversations) on request.
  • A transcript is provided in PDF format within 3 business days. Printed, bound and certified copies are available upon request
Throughout the process, the device never leaves the sight of the device owner or agent. Once completed, the device is immediately returned to service .

Transcripts can be produced in a number of formats. Please see the "Transcript Samples" section to the left.

Certified copies of transcripts include chain-of-custody documentation. Additional statements and expert testimony are available for a nominal additional fee.

How to Submit a request
  1. Identify contacts or conversations you want produced in a transcript. Transcripts of specific conversations can be produced, or a complete dump of all messages in a given time period.
  2. Identify the time frame messages were sent/received for inclusion in the transcript (i.e. 01/01/2012 and 03/01/2012), or request all responsive records
  3. Review our service plans and consult with your attorney on which plan is appropriate for your situation, and if strict chain of custody is needed.
  4. Submit your request in one of (3) ways:
  1. Use the online request form
  2. E-mail
  3. Call Richmond Computer at (215) 634-2997 - Office hours M-F 8:30am-5:00pm, Sat 9am-12:00pm

SMS Witness for Instant Messaging

SMS Witness is also available for creating transcripts of instant messages from any of the common IM applications.
Please call for pricing.

Voicemail Transcription service

Collected voicemails from smartphones or email are converted into transcripts. Deleted voicemails from iPhones or Android devices are in some cases, recovered and converted to written transcript.
Please call for pricing.