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  • Search for deleted content: $100.00 (non-refundable)
  • Recovery of messages: $0.30 per recovered message - $100 min/$500 max
Other Charges:
$100 per additional contact/phone number search
*certification for court use $225.00
For full details on cost for search, recovery, analysis and parsing of data, please visit the pricing detail page


Backing up your phone is a separate operation from synchronization. WARNING: If you SYNC your phone with iTunes, deleted SMS messages will be permanently deleted from the phone. Before connecting the phone to your Mac or PC, disable automatic synchronization in iTunes.
How to Backup an iPhone

Smartphone Data Recovery - Philadelphia, PA

We specialize in recovering deleted data from iPhones and Android based smartphones. Recoverable items include text messages, contacts, call logs and images. Service is available nationwide. This service is available to individuals, law firms and law enforcement agencies.

Deleted Text Message Recovery for Androids


Recovery of deleted content from Android devices often requires "rooting" or jailbreaking the device. There is a risk that during this process the phone may be rendered unusable and all data may be lost. Richmond Computer assumes no liability for this risk.

08/01/2016: At present, we are unable to recover data from Android devices running version 5.0 (Lolipop) or newer due to the loss of the encryption key when messages are deleted.

Recovery of deleted text messages, MMS messages, photos, contacts, music and other documents for Android based devices. We utilize certified forensic tools used by law enforcement to recover data from Android based devices. We acquire data directly from the device or SD card. Our ability to recover deleted data from Android devices is governed on how the device was used since the data was deleted.

  • Was the firmware of the device upgraded?
  • Has a large volume of text messages, photos or other files been added to the device since the deletion occured?

Deleted Text Message Recovery for iPhones

Richmond Computer has successfully recovered deleted SMS text messages on Apple iPhones where other recovery products or services have failed. Our ability to recover data from an iPhone hinges on (3) conditions:

  • Was the phone synchronized with iTunes since the deletion?
  • Was the iOS upgraded from version 4 to a more recent version since the deletion?
  • Has the end user migrated from a previous device to the current device since the deletion?
If you answered "no" to the above questions, partial or full recovery of all message content is probable within a 95% accuracy.

What is recoverable?

Recoverable items include: SMS/MMS text messages, photos, contacts, documents, PDF files, MP3 and other video files, calendar entries and call logs.

Q. How far back can I recover deleted data?
A. Recovery of past messages hinges on when the phone was last synchronized with iTunes and the iOS upgraded.

If there are messages you are looking to recover, we recommend that you immediately stop using the device and contact us for a consultation. Do not synchronize the phone, connect it to a computer, or attempt installation of any updates from Apple.
How long your deleted SMS messages will stay on your phone depends primarily on how often messages are deleted (i.e. deleting an entire conversation at once vs. one message at a time), if the phone has been synchronized with iTunes, and if the iOS has been upgraded.

Q. Are MMS messages and photos also recoverable?
A. Yes, this recovery procedure also applies to iMessage and MMS messages that include photos.

If there are messages you are looking to recover, we recommend that you immediately stop using the device and contact us for a consultation. Do not synchronize the phone, connect it to a computer, or attempt installation of any updates from Apple.

Q. How are deleted messages presented to me if they are recovered?
A. Recovered text messages are normally presented in a PDF transcript format. Transcripts are one-to-one conversations between the device owner and outside parties/contacts. We can also provide a complete raw dump of all recovered messages, or all recovered messages with some formatting applied in comma separated value (CSV) format (best accessed via Microsoft Excel).

Process Overview

Requesting service to obtaining a copy of your deleted SMS text messages takes 4 easy steps as outlined below:

  1. Complete a service request form or call us at (215)634-2997 (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm). You can also email us directly at
  2. Transmit your data file to us for analysis or make arrangements for our examiner to collect the data from your phone in person. Devices can also be shipped to us via UPS or the USPS.
    For Android based devices,we must have physical posession of the device to attempt recovery.
  3. Payment for services is sent to Richmond Computer via check, money order, or credit card (via PayPal)
  4. Recovered messages are sent to customer via e-mail, or printed copy via certified U.S. mail.

To attempt recovery of deleted text messages, you will need to send us a copy of your iTunes backup file. If you have not backed up your phone please refer to these instructions. Synchronizing your phone will permanently erase any messages that were deleted.

Backup files can be transmitted to us via e-mail or via our secure dropbox account, or a Richmond Computer service tech can visit your location to acquire the backup.


We have recovered data and produced transcripts for well known law firms in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Maryland.

Use our online request form to submit an inquiry.

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