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Forensic Investigations for Computers & Smartphones

Richmond Computer is a technology service provider in Philadelphia and provides services related to the collection and/or reocvery, analysis and presentation of data from computers and mobile devices, for use in civil and criminal court cases. We have provided these services to individuals and law firms in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Florida. Our extensive experience in servicing computer systems and business networks provides us with the skills to effectively meet the demands in trial litigation.

In addition to these services, we also offer a data recovery service in cases of accidental or intentional deletion, or hardware failure.

We follow industry standards for maintenance of chain of custody,store all collected materials on premesis, and present technical findings in clear language for use by non-technical parties.

Common applications include: divorce, child custody, wrongful termination, contract disputes, personal injury, and criminal matters such as fraud, comptuer crimes .

Computer Forensic Services - Overview

Depending on the requirements of the case/matter, computer forensics may be broken down into one or more categories:

  • Forensic exam through a disk image
  • Deleted file recovery
  • Web history recovery
The above services are priced based on specific criteria provided by the party requesting the service. Please contact us with details on the requirements of your case so that we can provide a price quotation.

Smartphone Forensic Services - Overview

These services include the collection, preservation, processing and presentation of data from smartphones for use in all types of litigation matters, such as:divorce, child custody, wrongful termination, contract disputes, personal injury and land use suits. Services are available for all types of smartphones including:

  • Apple iPhones
  • Android based devices
  • Blackberry phones
Certification of authenticity for recovered and presented data is included, when requested, for presentation in court. Courtroom testimony by the device examiner is available upon request.


Richmond Computer has an established partnership with Scarab Consulting for extended capabilities in cases that require hosted document review, document preservation, litigation preparedness, as well as collection and processing of data in large scale applications.

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